Turbo Tint Warranty


All materials sold by Turbo Tint will be warranted under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty, which covers any defects in the film and installation. No defects in the glass or paint is covered under this warranty. View our window tint standards to learn what is acceptable and not acceptable.

Customer shall assume responsibility for compliance with state and local laws, regulations, and ordinances in the state where the vehicle is tagged, with any of the materials purchased and shades chosen at Turbo Tint.

Turbo Tint will not warranty film that will not adhere to a dot or line matrix section of a window due to the fact it must make full contact with glass directly.


No Fault Warranty:

Our No-Fault Warranty is provided by the center where purchased. It must be purchased at the time of order and cannot be purchased after installation. Any No Fault package purchased after installation will be void.

This additional warranty will warrant the window film and installation against any day-to-day physical damage, such as scratches, nicks, tears, and glass breakage. Coverage lasts as long as you own the vehicle and will not transfer to the new owner if sold. At the time of a warranty repair we will use the same film series and shade. 

The No Fault Warranty does not apply to any windshield tint, it does not cover if you do not like the shade chosen and does not cover glass defects.



All warranty work is done by appointment only at the original store unless other arrangements have been preauthorized by the original installing center. If warranty work is performed at a different location, the film will be warranted but there will be a charge for labor as follows: $25.00 per side window, or $99.00 for a rear window, or $199.00 for the entire vehicle. If the same film is not available for warranty work an equivalent film will be utilized.

Turbo Tint takes every precaution but cannot be responsible for any rear defroster damage. All repairs if needed are the responsibility of the customer, even if the rear defroster has been disrupted or damaged during the tinting process. No allowance for repairs will be accepted.

To care for your window tint never use rough bristle brushes, harsh abrasives, acid, or heavy ammonia products.

Turbo Tint is not responsible for loss or damage to your vehicle or its contents while parked on or about the premises. Turbo Tint is not responsible for unrelated, incidental, or pre-existing conditions, defects or faults in a vehicle not caused by Turbo Tint or its employees. 

Turbo Tint has assigned an independent Customer Relations Department to assist in non-binding mediation of any disputes. Should the Customer and the Turbo Tint Center have an unresolved dispute or inquiry, the Customer may contact the Customer Relations Department by phone (888-227-8468) for assistance in mediating a resolution.