Benefits of Ceramic Tint



Turbo Tint sets itself apart from the competition by providing ceramic window tint packages designed to reduce heat and harmful ultraviolet rays without blacking out car windows.

In the early days of vehicle production, car manufacturers added window tint to improve appearance and block glare. EZ Eye tint, one of the first factory tint brands, installed tint on a variety of cars, including the popular 1958 Chevy Impala. At that time, the only aftermarket option for people who wanted to install window tint on their cars was a spray-on product, which produced a dark, uneven tint.  

Window film hit the market in 1966. While early window tint offered privacy, it was prone to absorb heat rather than reflect it. Early window film also had a tendency to bubble and turn purple over time. In the 1990s, manufacturers began adding metal to dyed window tint to help reflect sunlight and block heat. While this solution brought relief to many car owners in hot climates, the metal occasionally interfered with GPS devices and even the radio.

Ceramic Tint a Game-Changer

New ceramic window tint technology is a game-changer for customers who want to reduce harmful ultraviolet rays and improve vehicle safety. Ceramic window film uses infrared nano-ceramic technology to provide insulation for your car during chilly winter weather and keep it cool during the dog days of summer. Instead of metal, the infrared nano-ceramic film uses ceramic particles, invisible to the naked eye, throughout the film. Turbo Tint specializes in automotive window tint services, including ceramic tint. The emerging brand provides straightforward pricing and fast installation.

Here are a few of the benefits of ceramic window tint. 

Maintain Car Temperature. Vehicle window film blocks out solar energy to help maintain the temperature inside your car. Ceramic window tint can reduce heat by 50 percent. “Window film is no longer just an aesthetic feature. It can change the look, but most importantly, it can change the temperature inside the vehicle,” said Chandler Goodman, co-founder of Turbo Tint.  

Protection From Harmful UV Rays. Ceramic window tinting blocks more than 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays. While many people recognize the efficiency of window film during hot summer months, its impact is important year-round. The sun's low angle and path of travel in fall and winter may present an unseen danger for people who are unprotected from its harmful UV rays, leading to possible skin cancer, eye damage, and vehicle accidents from blinding glare, according to The International Window Film Association.

Invisible Protection. Window tint doesn’t need to be dark to offer protection. State window tinting laws regulate the darkness, color, reflectance, and location for the aftermarket auto industry. Laws often put a halt to many people’s plans to add auto tint. Ceramic tint comes in a variety of shades, including clear.

“A lot of people have a common misperception that you have to darken your windows a lot to feel the benefits of window tint. That used to be true in the early 90s when there was just dyed window film,” Goodman said. “Ceramic window tint allows us to achieve a high-heat reducing product without darkening or blacking out windows.”

Increase Vehicle Safety. Ceramic window film is highly durable. Turbo Tint offers a completely clear ceramic film designed for windshields, which allows it to stand up to damage from rocks and debris that may normally crack a windshield. The new film, which is legal in every state, is installed on the inside of the windshield and is also designed to protect the driver and passengers from harmful UV rays and reduce glare. 

Leave Installation to the Industry Leader

Installing window tint is an art and needs to be done by a professional. Turbo Tint was developed by longtime Moran Family of Brands franchisee Greg Goodman and his son, Chandler. Moran is one of the largest automotive aftermarket franchisors with six different brands, including Milex Complete Auto Care, Mr. Transmission, and Turbo Tint.

The Goodmans created Turbo Tint, a quick-installation, online purchasing and scheduling concept, to fill a void in the window tinting market for customers. In addition to automotive window tinting, Turbo Tint locations offer architectural window tinting solutions and paint protection services. “Window tinting is a fragmented market,” Goodman said. “The majority of the time, you aren’t seeing national franchises like us, you’re seeing mom and pop shops.”

As part of the concept, customers can purchase a tint package and schedule an appointment online. When they arrive for service, they select their desired shade of window film. The entire installation process is complete in one hour or less.

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