Keep your Car Cool this Summer With Window Tint

Do you have little kids or pets? That’s an important reason to consider getting window tinting for your cars.

We often preach the benefits of tinted windows at Turbo Tint. It can help keep the sun’s damaging and harmful radiation from leather seats in your car, and more importantly, protect your skin. It can do the same thing in homes while adding an extra layer of privacy in both locations.

Tinted windows can be an extremely important safety feature, especially for an electric vehicle. They keep cars cool and help reduce the internal temperature.

It’s quite scary how quickly cars can become hot, when they’re parked, and the motor isn’t running. This is not just an issue for gas powered vehicles. For an electric vehicle it can cause even more of a safety issue, reducing battery life. During the summer months when an EV is parked in the heat if it gets to hot the internal climate control will turn on all by itself to keep the vehicle below a certain temperature. Leaving the vehicle for a few hours or days you can imagine the affects.

Speaking of safety the problem is that inside your car, it’s a greenhouse. According to Peta, at 70 degrees on a summer day, after twenty minutes, the temperature inside a car can get up to 99 degrees. On a 90 degree day the internal temperature can reach over 109 degrees just after 10 minutes!

You may have heard in the news how a young child recently called 911 to report that he and six other children had been left alone in a hot car. The police were able to find those kids, alive and dehydrated, but many of these stories don’t have a happy ending. Last year, 52 children – that the media is aware of – died in hot cars.

Meanwhile, the Humane Society has said that the organization receives hundreds of phone calls a year about pets left alone in hot cars. The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that hundreds of dogs die every year in hot cars. Small wonder: not only are dogs baking in an enclosed car, they’re literally wearing a fur coat.

Window tinting can block up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat. Studies have shown that it greatly reduces interior surface temperatures of a car.

Children and pets should never be left in a car alone, particularly on hot days.  In some states, it is against the law. Problems often come when you get into a car that has been parked in the hot sun for a long time.  It takes time for the internal temperature of the car to cool down after being well over triple digits.  For adults, it can be uncomfortable and an inconvenience.  For children and pets, whose bodies don’t cool as quickly as adults, it can lead to overheating and worse.

While not all cases are as dire, there are many situations that window tinting helps in the safety and comfort of your car.  We’ve all had times in which we’ve waited inside a car on a hot day, perhaps as someone runs a quick errand into a store or if you are waiting for your child to finish practice.  The car becomes a sauna and you are quickly drenched with sweat.  Not only can window tinting help reduce the internal temperature of your car, cut down on having to constantly run the air conditioning at full blast, but it can also reduce the strain on your EV's battery.

With the long, hot summer in full affect, now is the time to consider getting your vehicle’s windows tinted.  It’ll make everyone far more comfortable – and safer.