Benefits of Window Tinting

Block the sun’s ultraviolet rays and improve gas mileage by tapping Turbo Tint to install window tinting on your ride before the dog days of summer arrive.

What is Window Tint?
Window tint is a thin film used to darken windows. It’s commonly used in cars because of its many benefits and stylish appearance. Early window tint absorbed heat and was purely aesthetic. To reflect the sun’s rays, manufacturers started adding metal to window film in the 1990s, and today, ceramic window tint is the material of choice. Rather than metal, the new window tint uses ceramic particles that are invisible to the naked eye. They provide insulation during cool weather and block heat in the hot summer months.

Advantages of Installing Window Tint
Turbo Tint opened its doors in 2020 to give customers convenient, stylish, high-end automotive and architectural film. We have three locations in Oklahoma and Florida and more than 46 additional units under development.

Installing window tint at Turbo Tint saves money and improves the comfort of your vehicle. It offers health benefits and is a great way to increase your car’s resale value. Here are some of the benefits of window tinting.

  • Reduce sun exposure. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can increase the risk of skin cancer. One in five American adults will suffer from skin cancer by age 70, and more than 9,500 people are diagnosed with skin cancer each day, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. When it’s detected early, the five-year survival rate is 99%.

Wearing sunscreen and avoiding the sun’s damaging rays decreases your risk of skin cancer. Many people don’t realize car windows do not prevent exposure to the ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer. The average American spends nearly 11 hours driving every week. Window tinting adds an extra layer of security by blocking up to 99% of UV rays.

  • Preserve car interior. Over time, sunlight can fade your car’s upholstery and discolor leather seats. You can minimize fading by using a window shade when your car is parked. Adding window tinting offers all-day protection and will keep your car looking like new.

  • Improve gas mileage. The air conditioner kicks into high gear during hot days to keep your car cool. Window tinting gives your AC a break and conserves gas by reflecting heat. The price of gas hit record levels in June last year when the average price per gallon jumped to $5.10, according to AAA. Experts expect gas prices to rise again this summer as people hit the open road for vacations.

  • Increase safety. Window tinting can help shatterproof your vehicle windows. It’s designed to protect passengers from being injured by flying glass in the event of an accident. It also reduces glare from oncoming vehicles, sun, and snow to improve visibility.

  • Protect your privacy. Window tinting gives you an added layer of security by making your car’s interior less visible. Not only will it increase privacy, but it also adds security by preventing people from noticing valuables inside your car.

Know the Laws
Automotive window tinting is highly regulated, and laws vary by state. For example, in North Carolina, window tinting cannot measure darker than 32%. Nearby in South Carolina, the front side windows must allow at least 27% of light in, while any tint darkness can be used in the back windows. Turbo Tint stays abreast of current regulations regarding window tinting and can help you pick the best package.

One-Hour Window Tint
Turbo Tint is driven by quality and powered by speed. In addition to window tinting, we also offer paint protection to keep your car’s exterior free of dents, dings, and scratches. We use straightforward pricing and easy online purchasing and scheduling. Our Turbo option is a full-vehicle package that reduces solar heat by 60% and nearly eliminates damaging UV radiation. As our most popular package, it comes with a lifetime, no-fault warranty. You can add a window tint strip to further reduce glare and prevent the bright sun from entering the vehicle.

When you arrive at Turbo Tint at your pre-scheduled time, pick the tint shade that works for you and enjoy the amenities in our comfortable waiting room. Our waiting rooms feature lounge-style seating, a roaring fireplace, complimentary beverages, and free Wi-Fi. Our installers are professionally trained and rely on computer-cut film patterns for accuracy, and we’ll have your tint installed in under an hour.

Window tinting is not limited to automobiles. Installing window tinting in your home or business can reduce heating and cooling costs and prevent the sun’s solar rays from damaging your furniture.

To learn more about the benefits of window tinting, find  a location in your area and schedule an appointment today!