Benefits of Residential Window Film

How does window tint protect my home?

You love your home, and you’ve worked hard to make it the most comfortable and inviting place you go to every day. So, it’s natural that you only want the best for it. But have you considered whether your windows are helping or hurting your investment?

Ample light coming in from outside can make your house seem more like an inviting home for you and your family. But all that light also contains UV rays that can damage you, your furniture, and your home. But there is an easy solution to this problem. Window tinting can help you keep out those harmful UV rays and protect your investment for years to come.

What is window film?
Window film, also known as window tint, consists of a thin, transparent layer of plastic, ceramic or metallic laminate that is applied to glass windows.

Turbo Tint's state-of-the-art window films keep out approximately 99 percent of harmful UV rays. That adds up to protection for you and your loved ones’ skin. But harmful UV rays can do more than damage your skin. They can also lead to considerable damage to your floors, furniture, and walls because of fading colors over time. Window tinting will help prevent this damage by protecting your home from overexposure to light throughout the day. So, you can keep your home bathed in natural, comforting light without ruining your painstakingly chosen paint color and furniture combinations.

Turbo Tint also has window film solutions that can act as a shatter guard for your home. When storms flare up outside, any of our security films will prevent shards from flying everywhere in case your home takes a direct hit from debris. That protects you and your family year-round.

Furthermore, window tint will reduce glare in your home significantly. That way, when you work from home or watch TV, you’ll be even more at ease with reduced glare on your computer and phone screens. You’ll also never miss the game or the best part of the movie because of glare across your TV. Say goodbye to annoying glare forever with window tinting solutions.

Turbo Tint offer several categories and grades of window film with varying levels of tint to satisfy your needs. Our owners are specialists in the window film business, and they can help guide you to a better home with cost-saving and eco-friendly practices. We provide free in-home design consultation and professional installation as well. Protect your home with window tinting today.

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