A Better Shade of Protection: How Does the Window Tinting Process Work?

Window tinting has many valuable benefits for vehicle owners and homeowners, including limiting glare and UV rays from the sun, protecting furniture and auto interiors, helping reduce heat inside your home or car, and making a home or workplace more energy-efficient.


Comfort, Protection, and Health

For cars, though standard window glass blocks some UV rays, tint can add a lot more protection, up to 99% of UV rays blocked.  Tint also keeps the interior cooler for the driver and passengers as well as protecting the dashboard, upholstery, and contents of the vehicle.

If you’ve ever realized your left arm is red after driving for a few hours on a hot, sunny day, you know that being inside a car with standard windows isn’t fully protecting you. Besides the discomfort of feeling hot, UV rays can put you at risk for skin cancer.

Plus, tinted windows can help obscure valuables from the view of would-be thieves, as well as improve the general appearance of a vehicle.


Doing it Right

Most people are familiar with window tinting, having seen it occasionally on other cars on the road. Without knowing the details, however, they may think the only thing involved is to take their vehicle into a shop and have a sheet of tinted film applied to the windows.

That may be the case at a number of auto shops that dabble in applying tinted film or by do-it-yourselfers, which can lead to bubbled film due to damaging UV rays and excessive heat build-up. But the process at all Turbo Tint locations is more elaborate and planned, using a higher quality of film with manufacturer-backed guarantees.


More Options for Different Needs

The window tinting process at Turbo Tint begins by presenting customers with several different packages that fit their personal preferences, whether that's online in the comfort of your own home or in-store. Digital kiosks show the various price formats, styles and shades of tint that are available. The packages offer features ranging from extra light shades all the way to an ultra-dark tint and increased heat reduction products along with several add-on options to consider.

To help each customer make the decision on the type of tint best for their needs, Turbo Tint professionals use a light box that demonstrates visibility through tinted films in several shades in full sun as well as in the dark.

The process provides customers with all the information and appearances to make the best choice for what is the right fit for their vehicle. Once these decisions are made, the installation only takes about an hour for most customers.